yellowsugar (yellowsugar) wrote,

nov14 101

so was calculating about how much money i have in savings in all the accounts
and then started thinking, what am i ever going to use the money for?
maybe just buy a box to live in in the future, considering i wouldn't be able to get a wife, much less a kid
definitely not a pet
i have no life so there wouldn't be money going that way
don't think i'll live to die old, so maybe some to unno
all the rest, guess it'd be food, eh
but eating by yourself is no fun
should write a will in case i decide to go bye bye
nah, too hard to do either
unless heart attack?
then i should start eating more bacon to load up on the cholesterol
die salty and fatty

sometimes, i wonder if i do so much cause i don't find worth in other things
stresses me out enough and then just blow up
so healthy
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